Gourmet Keto Cookies & Baked Goods

Shut My Mouth Bakery

Gourmet Keto Bakery
In Phoenix, AZ

Low Carb? CHECK!

Sugar Free? CHECK!

Keto Friendly? CHECK!


Welcome to Shut My Mouth Bakery! We are a Gourmet Keto Bakery in Phoenix, Arizona that specialize in making Keto friendly desserts that are so good you have to try them to believe them!

No more eating chalk and trying to convince yourself it tastes good! No more having to sacrifice your sweet-tooth because … well … you would actually rather eat chalk then eat another one of those “keto rocks” trying to pass themselves off as cookies! 😩

Where to Find Us

In Phoenix

We are currently at Carefree Farmer’s Market on Friday’s & Pinnacle Peak Farmer’s Market on Saturdays.  8 AM to 12PM both days. 



Create your own mix and match from our available flavors. Put together your cookie box online, and then pick it up at one of our Farmers Market locations!