Our Story

Shut My Mouth Bakery

Our Story

Picture it…the United States….2020….a pandemic is sweeping the world…people are locked up in their homes, getting on each others’ nerves, online shopping, buying all the toilet paper…and in my case, panic eating cookies. So many cookies. Resulting in weight gain for me and a diabetes diagnosis for my husband- with me not too far behind him, to be honest. True story, actually.

What is a girl to do who has a sweet tooth and yet has to limit carbs?


Well, I knew how to bake … I just learned to bake HEALTHIER CHOICES.

I was ecstatic. My husband could stop looking at me with those begging eyes when he mentioned chocolate chip cookies. Not gonna lie, I was pretty happy too! After all, they are were amazingly delicious.

And then I went down the low-carb, sugar-free rabbit hole in the world of the internet …

… aannddd now I run a bakery.

I believe in using ingredients I can actually pronounce, that won’t screw up my body chemistry (or have to make me run to the bathroom at inconvenient moments).

I believe that low-carb and sugar-free (and keto-friendly) baked goods should NOT taste like the packaging that they come in.

I also believe that everyone needs a cookie. So why not make it a healthier choice?

Where to Find Us

In Phoenix

We are currently at the Roadrunner Park Farmer’s Market and the Pinnacle Peak Farmer’s Market on Saturdays from 8 AM to 1 PM.



Create your own mix and match from our available flavors. Put together your cookie box online, and then pick it up at one of our Farmers Market locations!

Shut My Mouth Bakery


Get this seasonal specialty while it lasts!